Satellite IR Meeting - right after SCP2017 at UWaterloo


In addition to the regular program, the 2017 Symposium on Chemical Physics will also include an IR Users Meeting on the afternoon of Sunday, November 5th (after lunch, 1 pm to 5 pm). This meeting will focus on future directions of infrared-based technologies and research in Canada. In particular, attendees will discuss upgrades to the mid- and far-IR beamlines at the Canadian Light Source and the IR free electron laser facility proposed for construction in Waterloo, Ontario. The agenda of this meeting will be released as part of the SCP 2017 program. Your feedback is important to us.


Scott Rosendahl - The CLS mid-IR beamline: Capabilities and Proposed Upgrades

Brant Billinghurst - Capabilities of and Proposed Upgrades to the CLS far-IR beamline

Scott Hopkins - A New Canadian IR-FEL Facility