Call for Contributed Papers - SCP2017 at UWaterloo


In addition to the invited talks, the program of the meeting will include contributed papers, 15 of which will be able to be presented orally, with a time slot of 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for discussion. However, most will be presented at a poster session, to be held on the Saturday afternoon in a relaxed atmosphere with appropriate refreshments available. The space for each poster consists of one panel 4' wide and 4' high, on a 2' stand.

Contributed papers should be submitted in the form of a title. All authors and their affiliations should be listed. The name of the person presenting the paper should be identified by a star (*), with their status as Faculty (faculty member/senior scientist), Postdoctoral or Student being indicated, and their phone number and e-mail address or FAX number being listed. TeX or LaTeX conventions should be used to denote super/subscripts, Greek characters and mathematical notations. Click here to see some basic LaTeX commands. Since the organizers wish to particularly encourage the active participation of graduate students and postdoctorals, other factors being equal, contributed papers to be presented by students and postdoctorals will be given preference when scheduling the oral sessions.

The DEADLINE for the Submission of contributions is TUESDAY OCTOBER 24 for requests for oral presentations, and MONDAY OCTOBER 30 for poster papers. To submit a paper title, simply fill out the corresponding field during online registration. You can update your title information before the deadline through your Symposium online account.